Immunohistochemistry Catalog

Entries with Names starting with 'K'

Clone: A21-Y
Cat#: 10091
Kappa light chains are polypeptide chains located in cell membrane and cytoplasmic regions of normal B cells and plasma cells. This antibody is reportedly useful in identification of leukemias, plasmacytomas, and other B-cell non- Hodgkin's lymphomas.
Fixed-embedded human tonsil
Clone: B56
Cat#: 10032
Fixed-embedded human lymph node
Clone: SP6
Cat#: 10080
Ki-67 is expressed in the proliferating cells preferentially during late G1-, S-, M-, and G2- phases of the cell cycle, while cells in the G0 (quiescent) phase are negative for this protein.
Fixed-embedded human lymph node
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