Immunohistochemistry Catalog

Entries with Names starting with 'A'

Clone: M16-L
Cat#: DB 147
M16-L stains alpha smooth muscle actin selectively, which is a commonly expressed by myofibroblasts.
DB 147
Fixed-embedded human small intestine
Clone: S12-I
Cat#: DB 001
Antibody to β-actin provides a specific and useful tool in studying the intracellular distribution of β-actin and the static and dynamic aspects of the cytoskeleton.
Clone: HHF35
Cat#: 10123
HHF3 reacts with actin from tissue extracts of uterus, ileum, aorta, diaphragm, heart, and smooth muscle cells. It recognizes the alpha actin from skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle and the gamma actin from smooth muscle sources.
Clone: 1A4
Cat#: 10102
1A4 antibody does not stain cardiac or skeletal muscle; however, it stains myofibroblasts and myoepithelial cells.
Fixed-embedded human tissue
Clone: 13H4
Cat#: 10103
Clone: Ql7-L
Cat#: DB 208
High expression of AMACR (p504S) protein is found in prostatic adenocarcinoma but not in benign prostatic gland. The expression of AMACR (PS04S) is also detected in: high - grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) and atypical adenomatous hyperplasia.
DB 208
Fixed-embedded human prostate
Clone: 1/22
Cat#: 10029
1/22 reacts on the intracellular C-terminal AQPl epitope of aquaporins which are members of the Major Intrinsic Protein family.
Fixed-embedded rat brain
Clone: 4/18
Cat#: 10030
4/18 reacts on the intracellular C-terminal AQP4 epitope of aquaporins, which are members of the Major Intrinsic Protein family.
Fixed-embedded rat brain
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