Immunohistochemistry Catalog

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-

Clone: F5D
Cat#: 10134
Myogenin is a nuclear antigen of myoblasts in developing muscle tissue, and is expressed in tumor cell nuclei of rhabdomyosarcoma and some leiomyosarcomas. Positive nuclear staining may occur in Wilm's tumor. Negative in Ewing sarcomas.
Clone: KCG1.1
Cat#: 10082
Napsin A is a 35.0 kDa molecular weight aspartic proteinase which is expressed in the lung and involved in processing surfactant protein B (SP-B). It is also expressed in the kidney. This antibody may be a useful tool as a tumor marker for prima ry lung adenocarcinoma. Napsin expression correlates with the differentiation grade of lung adenocarcinoma.
Fixed-embedded human lung adenocarcinoma
Clone: NX2/294
Cat#: 10135
NKX2.2 is a transcriptic factor during the neuroendocrine and glial differentation. useful for diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma.
Clone: SX53G8
Cat#: 10136
p27 is a cyclin dependent kinase, which regulates the G1-S phase transition. Its negativity is the attribute of oncogenesis and tumor progression.
Clone: BP53-12
Cat#: 10137
Clone: DO-7
Cat#: 10076
P53 is a tumor suppressor protein. This antibody recognizes a 53 kDa phosphoprotein, identified as p53 suppressor gene productIt reacts with the mutant as well as wild form of p53. Positive nuclear staining with this a ntibody has been shown to be a negative prognostic factor in breast, lung, colorectal, and urothelial carcinoma.
Fixed-embedded human colon cancer
Clone: 4A4
Cat#: 10077
Clone: PN-15
Cat#: 10138
The antigen is expressed on the brush border of proximal renal tubules and on the luminal surface of Bowman's capsule, as well as in parathyroid parenchymal cells and colloid of thyroid follicles. The antibody is useful for the identification of malignant cells from primary and metastatic renal cell carcinomas.
Clone: 4C4.9
Cat#: 10139
Clone: P/T1
Cat#: 10025
P/T1 antibody is useful for the detection of TGF-cx production in human tumor cells and immunoserological monitoring of progression of malignant tumors.
Fixed-embedded human melanoma
Clone: 8G7G3/1
Cat#: 10122
Clone: P/T2
Cat#: 10026
This mouse monoclonal antibody labels the cytoplasm of TNF-alpha secreting cells including macrophages.
Fixed-embedded human histiocyta/macrophag
Clone: 6F-H2
Cat#: 10048
This mouse monoclonal antibody reacts on WT1 protein, which has been identified in proliferative mesothelial cells, malignant mesothelioma, ovarian cystadeno-carcinoma, gonadoblastoma, nephroblastoma and desmoplastic small round cell tumor. The WT1 gene is normally expressed in fetal kidney and mesothelium, and its expression has been suggested as a marker for Wilm's tumor and mesothelioma. Lung adenocarcinoma is rarely positive with this antibody.
Fixed-embedded human kidney
Clone: 14
Cat#: 10073
β-Catenin is normally found in the cytoplasm of the cell in sub-membranous location. Mutations in the β-Catenin gene result nuclear accumulation of this protein, which has been demonstrated in fibrous abdominal and breast lesions, therefore is useful in differentiating these lesions from other spindle cell proliferations that may occur in these locations.
Fixed-embedded human skin
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