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Clone: 2B11
Cat#: 10110
Clone: E19-G
Cat#: DB 042
CD45 antigen (LCA, leukocyta common antigen) is a family of five or more high molecular weight glycoproteins present on the surface of the majority of leukocytes (including lymphocytes, monocytes and eosinophils) but absent from erythrocytes and platelets.
DB 042
Fixed-embedded human tonsil
Clone: PD/26
Cat#: 10124
This CD45 isoform is expressed by thymocytes, peripheral B cells and a subpopulation of T cells at high and by dendritic cells and macrophages at low density.
Clone: uCHL-1
Cat#: 10109
Anti-CD45RO (T-Cell, Pan) antibody reacts with thymocytes and activated T-cells, but only on a subpopulation of resting T-cells. This antibody shows no reactivity with B-cells making it a good marker for T-cell tumors. Granulocytes and monocytes are also labelled with this antibody.
Fixed-embedded human lymphoid
Clone: A25-G
Cat#: DB 027
COS is a T-cell antigen also expressed by a range of neoplastic B-cells, e.g. B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL), B-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma (B-SLL), and mantle cell lymphoma. COS is expressed on T lymphocyte subsets and is modulated during cellular activation. COS does not react with granulocytes or monocytes.
DB 027
Fixed-embedded human tonsil
Clone: NK-1
Cat#: 10111
CD57 is found on natural killer cells and CD8+ lymphocytes. These cells play a role in the rejection of grafts in acute graft versus host disease. The CD57 molecule is not expressed on erythrocytes or platelets.
Clone: KP1
Cat#: 10112
CD68 is expressed by monocytes, macrophages and myeloid cells. Immunodetectio n of this antigen is useful for detection of reactive macrophages in a wide variety of norma! and pathological conditions and for immunophenotyping of myeloid and histiocytic cells and their neoplastic equivalents.
Clone: C21-Q
Cat#: DB 114
CD7 antigen is a cell surface glycoprotein expressed on the surface of immature and mature T cells, and natural killer cells. While its precise function is not known, there is recent suggestion that the molecule functions as an Fc receptor for IgM. CD7 is the most consistently expressed T cell antigen in lymphoblastic lymphomas and leukaemias, and is therefore a useful marker in identification of such neoplastic proliferations.
DB 114
Fixed-embedded human tonsil
Clone: HM47/A9
Cat#: 10113
Clone: JCB117
Cat#: 10114
These antibodies recognize an extracellular epitope expressed on the CD79a molecule, and detects the full spectrum of B-cells. CD79a has been found to be co-expressed with CD3 in 10% of cases of T- lymphoblastic leukemia/ lymphoma . Useful in the differential diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease.
Clone: P17-V
Cat#: 10089
CD8 is a transmembrane glycoprotein co­-receptor for the T cell receptor (TCR). CD8 binds to class I MHC protein. Immunohistoch emical staining of CD8 in tissue sections allow the quantitative detection of cytotoxic - suppressor T-lymphocytes.
Fixed-embedded human colon cancer
Clone: C6/261
Cat#: 10115
Clone: COL1
Cat#: 10116
ln breast carcinomas, CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen, CD66e) staining correlated well with clinical outcome, independent of histologic type of tumors (with or without metastases) . Pancreatic carcinomas, testicular tumor, gall bladder neoplasms and granular cell myoblastomas sta in positive, whereas malignant tumors of brain, prostate, skin, lymphoreticular tissues, hepatocellular carcinomas, esophageal squamous cell carcinomas, and mesothelioma fai! to stain for CEA.
Fixed-embedded human colon
Clone: D25-R
Cat#: DB 157
Clone: N28-A
Cat#: DB 158
Clone: LK2H10
Cat#: 10117
Chromogranin A is present in a wide variety of endocrine tissues including the pituitary, pancreas, hypothalamus, thymus, thyroid, intestine, and parathyroid. Co-expression of chromogranin and NSE is typical of neuroendocrine neoplasms. Most pituitary adenomas and prolactinomas readily express chromogranin.
Fixed -embedded human pancreas
Clone: SP21
Cat#: 10075
COX-2 inhibition by nonsteroidal anti­ inflammatory agents has been shown to decrease angiogenesis and tumor grovvth, and promote apoptosis. COX-2 overexpression has been associated with increased microvascular density, and V EGF protein expression in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and is an indicator of poor prognosis.
Fixed-embedded human colon cancer
Clone: E16-I
Cat#: DB 066
DB 066
Fixed-embedded human mantle cell lymphoma
Clone: SP4
Cat#: 10074
Immunodetection of Cyclin Dl is useful for separating mantle cell lymphomas (+) from SLL's and small cleaved cell lymphomas (-). Cyclin D , one of the key cell cycle regulators, is a putative proto-oncogene overexpressed in a wide variety of neoplasms. Cyclins govern transitions through distinct phases of the cell cycle by regulating the activity of the cyclin­ dependent kinases. ln mid to late Gl, Cyclin Dl shows maximum expression following growth factor stimulation.
Fixed-embedded human mantle cell lymphoma
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