The project CABCOS2 is an organic continuation of CABCOS1 project, which was a joint initiative of partners (University of Pécs, University of Osijek) and got funding from the first call of HUHR IPA.  In the present project former Croatian partner got difficulties to participate and therefore was replaced by an equivalent partner,  the Institute of Public Health for the Osijek-Baranja County (ZZJZ Osijek).

The very strong cross border character of the project comes from two major facts: a. both human and infrastructural development at both venues were designed to assure complementary nature. Both laboratories with current staff are functional without the other, but critical mass both in terms of scientific knowledge and production capacity cannot be ensured and sustained without the other. Therefore, the joint research activity is not only a requirement but a necessity. Joint operation (including research projects, or joint development of marketable products) also means the tangible benefit of efforts is also common. This way of operation (with separate financial management) gave the opportunity for both partners stimulate positive local social/economical effects which are the fundaments to keep up the long lasting cross border impact. 

Why this project

Biomedical industry is a key industry significantly contributing to economic growth and human well-being. Nevertheless, reaching significant results are both human and research infrastructure demanding. Transgenic animals, cell lines, which are now produced locally as result of the first-phase development are becoming even more vital in the discovery and development of new treatments for numerous severe diseases, especially for cancerous diseases and regenerative medicine. The detailed functional genomics characterization of a large number of tumours will certainly advance our knowledge on the molecular origin of cancer and thereby opening new avenues for developing new therapies.  Both institutions, by their virtue of being acknowledged medical institutions have expertise in applied tumour-focused research, therefore problems originating of limited research capacity of single institutions can be overcome by the integration of their research potential.

Project objectives:

Basis for the project is the jointly developed research infrastructure in Pécs and Osijek. It rests on four main pillars: 

a: joint medical research (especially tumour-focused basic and applied with emphasis on vascular phenotypes), 

b. transfer of knowledge (from Pécs to Osijek, especially in tumour development and regenerative medicine using in transgenic animal models) 

c. joint utilization of research outcomes (patents or services to the pharmaceutical industry), 

d.  development of infrastructural conditions in both localities (construction works in Pécs, equipment procurement in Osijek (without construction in Osijek).

Benefits of the project

…for the direct target groups

Straight benefit of the project is to unlock the research potential of the two involved institutions, through which overarching objective of EU research policy to develop an open and competitive European Research Area (ERA), characterized by research excellence and the free circulation of researchers, knowledge and technology at the heart of a single EU market for research and innovation will be realized.

… for the public

Direct project benefits are numerous. Joint activities in medical biotechnology can directly create jobs; results are explicitly demanded by the pharmaceutical industry in our region and beyond.  In addition, appropriate management of resources of the partners will definitely create conditions to attract biotech companies into the region to utilize the expertise and capacities. Another aspect is the ability to conduct research for new diagnostic tools and treatments in our region on both sides of the border.

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