Information letter on Basic Immunology course                                               Pécs, 2022.02.08.


Dear Students,


Hereby, we summarize the most important information about the course Basic Immunology in the upcoming spring semester of 2023. 


You can find the most important information about the Department of Immunology and Biotechnology at our website: All education materials as well as information letters will be uploaded regularly to our website.


We will monitor the active participation on the lectures and practices using the online Moodle test system (see below).

  1. The lectures will be held in person Thursdays 12:00-13:30 in Lecture room 4. During the lectures:
    1. You will need to login to the moodle website (see below).
    2. From the second week (13 occasions) students will be prompted to answer two test questions (each for 1 point) based on the actual lecture material at the end of the lectures. In total 26 points can be collected this way in these lecture tests. For the acceptance of the semester students must collect at least 10 points, points above 10 will be added to the final exam score.
    3. We will monitor the presence on the lectures using electronic QR code reading. Maximum 3 absences are allowed from the lectures.


  1. At the end of the practices, in the last 10 minutes, we will post 5 test questions regarding the actual practical material on Moodle. You will have 5 minutes to complete the "Practice test". For the acceptance of the semester (signature), minimum 50% of the points must be collected from Practice tests. Results above 50% will be honored with extra points which will be added to the exam points:

51%-60%             2 points

61-70%                4 points

71-80%                6 points

81-90%                8 points

above 91%         10 points.


The use of Moodle system:

All students who registered for the Basic Immunology course will be automatically registered in Moodle. For logging in, go to Your username is your neptun code.


  1. The exams will be online tests using the Moodle system. The test contains 100 questions and we add the extra points collected during the semester. In total, min. 66 points are needed for a successful exam. We will send out a more detailed information letter ragarding the exam before the exam period.


For general questions about education, you may send an email to Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the Course Director. The email addresses of our instructors are available at,and can also be found on the Medical School’s website.



Ferenc Boldizsar MD, PhD                                                       Prof. Dr. Timea Berki

Associate Professor                                                                 Director

Course Director

May 14, 2021


Dear Students,

We would like to draw your attention to important information about the ‘Basic Immunology’ exam:

  1. The exam will be IN-PERSON (presence) examination in Lecture rooms I. II. III. and IV. at the dates and times announced in the Neptun system.
  2. Students will be notified through Neptun’s e-mail system in which room they will take the exam. The list of students taking the exam will also be posted on the notice board at the Lecture room. We ask the students to please wait at a safe distance from each other at the Lecture room door until being asked to enter the room.
  3. It is mandatory to wear a face mask when entering the Lecture room and throughout the exam.
  4. The exam will be electronic written exam on the website.
  5. It is necessary for each student to bring their own Laptop or Tablet device to be able to log in to the Medtrainning website (we are not able to provide a device for the examination).
  6. The exam can be taken ONLY by using a Laptop or Tablet. A mobile phone is NOT a permitted device for the exam (before seating, the student must turn off the phone and should leave it at a designated place; wearing a smart watch is also not permitted).
  7. The student should ensure that the Laptop or Tablet is working properly, the battery charge should last during the exam (120 minutes). Charging points (electric outlets) will only be available in limited numbers in the lecture rooms.
  8. The student is obliged to use the University's Eduroam internet system to log in to Medtraining (this will be monitored).
  9. At the time of seating, the student will prove his or her identity.
  10. During the exam, ONLY the Medtraining application can be open on the Laptop or Tablet; keeping open or using another window, application or document is prohibited and will result in disqualification from the exam and a failing grade.
  11. BEFORE the student finalizes the exam in Medtraining, the student raises raises the hand to indicate to the instructor supervising the exam that he/she wishes to finalize the exam. Then, in the presence of the instructor (the Laptop / Tablet screen should be clearly visible), the student finalizes the exam in Medtraining. Then the instructor records on the attendance sheet the exact time of the exam finalization and the score obtained.


Kind regards:

Prof. Dr. Timea Berki

Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár


Department of Immunology and Biotechnology

Dear Students,


The presence practices which were planned from next week are cancelled and we will have online education until the end of the semester.


Sincerely yours,


Ferenc Boldizsar

Course director

                                                                                                Pécs, 2021.04.09.


Dear Students,


The practices of "Basic Immunology" will be held in presence form from the 19th April through 3 weeks. The practices will be held in the student laboratories found on the 1st floor of the Department of Immunology and Biotechnology according to the time table. Upon entering our building there will be a body temperature check by the colleagues at the reception. Therefore, we kindly ask everyone to arrive to the entrance of the Department at least 5 minutes before the start of the practice.


We pay special attention to keep the public health regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing of face masks during all practices is mandatory. Please bring your own clean white coats for the practices, latex gloves will be provided.

Only healthy students are allowed to participate on the presence practices. Should you experience any symptom of sickness (malaise, fatigue, fever, headache, coughing, running nose etc.) don't come to the practice and inform about this the teacher via email.


The planned topics:

            19-23 April - Immunohistochemistry

            26-30 April - Flow cytometry

            03-07 May - Immunserology


The theoretical background of these techniques has already been discussed on the online practices on weeks 4 and 5; therefore, we advise the repetition of these materials as a preparation for the presence practices. In addition, we will send out a handout about the practical steps of the presence practices (methodological description) via MS Teams and also publish it on our website (


On the practices you are expected to perform the immunological tests independently based on the published handouts. The teachers' task is only to supervise the students' activity and, in case it is needed, to help them out. We will not repeat the theoretical material which was already discussed on the online lessons, however, the knowledge of these basic information is necessary.


In the first 10 minutes of the presence practices students will answer test questions based on the lectures of the previous week in the medtraining system, but there will be no practice test at the end.


Best regards,



Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár                                                    Prof. Dr. Tímea Berki

Course Director                                                          Director                                  

Associate Professor   


Dear Students,

Please find the most important information about Basic Immunology course in the up-coming spring semester of 2021 in the attached pdf document.

Sincerely yours,

Ferenc Boldizsar MD, PhD                      Prof. Dr. Timea Berki

Course director                                     Director


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