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Entries with Names starting with 'P'

Clone: R19-D
Cat#: DB 152
P16 plays an important role in cell cycle regulation by decelerating cells progression from G1 phase to S phase, and therefore acts as a tumor suppressor. Hypermethylation, mutation, or deletion of p16 leads to downregulation of the gene and can lead to cancer through the dysregulation of cell cycle progression. Double staining with Ki-67 can provide insight into cell cycle status.
DB 152
Fixed-embedded human cervix cancer
Clone: SX53G8
Cat#: 10136
p27 is a cyclin dependent kinase, which regulates the G1-S phase transition. Its negativity is the attribute of oncogenesis and tumor progression.
Clone: BP53-12
Cat#: 10137
Clone: DO-7
Cat#: 10076
P53 is a tumor suppressor protein. This antibody recognizes a 53 kDa phosphoprotein, identified as p53 suppressor gene productIt reacts with the mutant as well as wild form of p53. Positive nuclear staining with this a ntibody has been shown to be a negative prognostic factor in breast, lung, colorectal, and urothelial carcinoma.
Fixed-embedded human colon cancer
Clone: 4A4
Cat#: 10077
Clone: V22-E
Cat#: DB 229
Clone: I27-I
Cat#: DB 134
P63 is a 63 kDa protein. The p63 gene is highly expressed in the basal or progenitor layers of many epithelial tissues. P63 shows remarkable structural similarity to p53 gene. Unlike p53, the p63 gene encodes multiple isotypes with divergent abilities to transactivate p53 reporter genes and induce apoptosis.
DB 134
Fixed-embedded human prostate / Fixed-embedded human skin
Clone: P16-D
Cat#: DB 047
P16-D is useful in the identification of testicular germ cell tumors. The antibody shows no cross-reaction with other isoenzymes of alkaline phosphatases.
DB 047
Fixed-embedded human seminoma
Clone: D2-40
Cat#: 10081
D2-40 is selectively expressed in lymphatic endothelium as well as lymphangiomas, Kaposi's sarcomas and in a subset of angiosarcomas with probable lymphatic differentiation. Podoplanin has also been shown to be expressed in epithelioid mesotheliomas, hemangioblastomas and seminomas.
Fixed-embedded human tonsil
Clone: A21-V
Cat#: DB 109
Clone: P21-S
Cat#: DB 059
Clone: SP2
Cat#: 10046
Clone: X22-C
Cat#: DB 108
PgR is an estrogen-regulated protein. It has been proposed that expression of PgR indicates a responsive ER pathway, and therefore, may predict likely response to endocrine therapy in human breast cancer. A number of studies have shown that PgR determination provides supplementary information to ER, both in predicting response to endocrine therapy and estimating survival.
DB 108
Fixed-embedded human breast cancer
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