Pécs, March 27, 2020



Dear Students,


We have indicated in our previous letter that we would provide additional information regarding the points collected at the practices.


First of all, we would like to point out that the points collected thus far at the lectures and practices will continue to be valid.


Regarding the points that can be collected during online practices, we have made the following decisions:


  1. At the beginning of the practice, please log in to the MS Teams program, join the "meeting" work. Then, as directed by the instructor, you will be aksed to solve 2 test questions during the first 10 minutes based on the lecture of the previous week. You will have 10 minutes to log in and 5 minutes to answer the questions on medtraining.eu. The purpose of these online questions will be similar to the 2-point tests that you had been writing during earlier practices in the classroom.


  1. The next step will be the discussion of the practical slides online. The instructor will load the ppt material (which can be the narrated material) into the MS Teams meeting, and will explain the material slide-by-slide. Meanwhile, the instructor will occasionally ask whether the material was clear. Thus, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions and get involved in the practice.


  1. Finally, in the last 15 minutes, we will post additional test questions regarding the current practical materialon medtraining.eu. You will have 5 minutes to complete the test. Based on these test results, successful completion above 50% will be counted in the year-end exam results in the form of extra points. For these tests, only the questions solved during the online education session will be counted.


Participation of the students in the practical lessons will be monitored through their registration for the tests and the rules pertaining to absences will be applied.


For general questions about education, you may send an email to Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár, the Education Officer of the Department. The email adresses of our instructors are available at www.immbio.hu,and can also be found on the Medical School’s website.




Prof. Dr. Timea Berki                                            Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár

Department Head                                                 Associate Professor (Education Officer)