Pécs, March 18, 2020


Dear Students,


From March 23, the Department of Immunology and Biotechnology - in accordance with the instruction of the Rector of the University of Pécs - will switch to the distance education of the Basic Immunology course on the Internet.


In addition to the educational materials currently available on the Department's website (www.immbio.hu), we have begun uploading educational materials with correspomding audio content. As recommended by the University of Pécs, our distance education will be conducted according to the existing timetable, i.e. each group will have online practice once a week and lectures will be held online according to the original schedule.


Both the lecture presentations and the practical slides will be provided with audio material, and these files will be made available for download. The upcoming weeks’ practical slideshows with audio materials will be uploaded to the Department's website by the end of the preceding week, which will be announced in NEPTUN.


During the practical lessons we will spend 60 minutes watching these slides with audio, at the time according to the group schedule. You will then have the opportunity for online discussion with the instructor (preferably joining groups created on the Microsoft Teams interface) and to ask questions for 20 minutes. Finally, during the last 10-15 minutes, we will post test questions of the weekly materials on www.medtraining.eu. Participation of the students in the practical lessons will be monitored through their registration for the tests and the rules pertaining to absences will be applied. The results of the tests will be recorded and included in the end-of-semester test results, details of which will be communicated to you later.


For general questions about education, you may send an email to Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár, the Education Officer of the Department. The email adresses of our instructors are available at www.immbio.hu, and can also be found on the Medical School website.


Successful online distance learning will require a smart device with internet connection (smartphone, tablet), but most effective might be a laptop or a PC. In order to make the transition to distance learning as smooth as possible, we ask students who currently do not have the necessary technical tools at their location or will not be able to obtain them by the coming week, please contact us and we will try to find an alternative solution.


We hope that with your active and constructive participation we can successfully launch distance learning.


Prof. Dr. Timea Berki                                             Dr. Ferenc Boldizsár

Department Head                                                  Associate Professor (Education Officer)