Dear Dentistry Students,


Hereby, we summarize the most important information about the course Basic Immunology in the upcoming autumn semester of 2020. With regard to the COVID-19 epidemics, and keeping the safety of the students and the teachers in priority, also in line with the Dean's recommendations, we will introduce an online education instead of the contact lessons during the whole semester.


  1. The lectures will be held as real-time live presentations at their regular time set forth by the official timetable (Mondays 12:00-13:30) using the MS Teams platform. All lectures will be recorded and later uploaded to the Department's website ( where the slides of the presentations are also available. It is possible to communicate with the teachers during the lectures using the "chat" or "webcam" in MS Teams.


  1. We will control the active participation on the lectures using online quiz questions. The questions will be available on the website. At the beginning of the semester all students who signed up for the course will be registered to the "medtraining" system by our Department's administrator using their neptun codes. The registrations must be confirmed during the first login. At the beginning of the lectures students are asked to login into the "medtraining" system and when, during the presentation, the lecturer asks then the questions have to be answered based on the previously heard learning material. We will ask 5 questions during all lectures, all questions are 1 point. To successfully complete the course, minimum 50% of the total points must be achieved on these tests. Results above 50% will be honored with extra points which will be added to the exam points.

51%-60%             2 points

61-70%               4 points

71-80%                6 points

81-90%                8 points

above 91%         10 points


  1. We will monitor the participation on the lectures using the "medtraining" system, i.e. if somebody will not login and give answers to the online quiz questions during the lectures will be considered as "not present". Maximum 3 absences are allowed during the semester.


  1. The exams will be online tests using the "medtraining" system. The test contains 100 questions and we add the extra point from the lecture quiz. In total, min. 66 points are needed for a successful exam.


  1. We provide opportunity for personal consultation, too, in case it is required by the students. The personal consultations will take place in the Department of Immunology and Biotechnology after email scheduling. The course director is Ferenc Boldizsár MD, PhD Associate Professor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Best regards,


Ferenc Boldizsár MD, PhD

Associate Professor

course director