Immunohistochemistry Catalog

HISTOLS®- Resistant AEC

Cat#: 30015
30015.K Concentrated buffer Reagent 1 5,5 ml
Stabilizer reagent Reagent 2 3 ml
Chromogen (AEC) Reagent 3 3 ml
Substrate (H2O2) Reagent 4 4,5 ml


30015.M Concentrated buffer Reagent 1 1,8 ml
Stabilizer reagent Reagent 2 1 ml
Chromogen (AEC) Reagent 3 1 ml
Substrate (H2O2) Reagent 4 1,5 ml
HISTOLS ® Resistant AEC Chromogen/Substrate System was developed for immunohistochemical staining procedures using horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labeled secondary antibody. AEC (3-amino-9-ethylcarbazol) leads to the formation of reddish-brown precipitate at the location of the target antigen. The precipitate is insoluble in aqueous and organic solvents, which allows the use of commonly known mounting media.