Biomedical research and health industry are the fastest growing fields worldwide, and are significantly contributing to economic growth, human well-being, and to the discovery and development of new treatments for various severe diseases.

Some previous co-operative IPA projects of the Lead Beneficiary (CABCOS1, HealthImpulse) were focusing on infrastructural development both in Pécs and Osijek. It was desired to have a regional research center with a SPF & transgenic animal facility in Pécs, and different small laboratory facilities with similar profiles in Osijek.

Current co-operative CABCOS2 grant mainly focuses on completing of the previous infrastructural developments in Pécs, and performs knowledge transfer from Pécs to Osijek. Pécs is the center for the establishment, teaching, scientific activity and laboratory diagnostics; however, Osijek (ZZJZ) is the harbor of new research equipment to be used in cancer research.